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Marie-Thérèse in our school !

dimanche 5 novembre 2017, par Mme LE SAUX Morgane.

After taking a boat to come to France, Marie-Thérèse arrived in our school. She is twenty-two years old. Marie-Thérèse Chitnis lived in Scotland but, now, she lives in Valognes. She is here for seven months.

She loves France and she has always wanted to live in France. She loves dogs but hates horses because they scare her. She likes sports ( hockey, running…). Her favourite singer is Michael Bublé. She is so nice and pretty.

Marie-Thérèse lived in Glasgow for sixteen years, then she moved to Edinburgh to study at university. Then she moved to London. Marie-Thérèse learnt Geography and her future job is maybe a teacher. She was seventeen years old when she began university. She learnt French for five years and she doesn’t speak French very well.

Marie-Thérèse says that the landscapes of Scotland are beautiful because there are lots of mountains, lakes...( in Scottish « lochs »). Marie-Thérèse believes Nessie is real ! Her favorite place in London is Hyde Park and the theatres. The typical food of Scotland is potatoes, square sausages, haggies with neeps and tatties.

It’s the first time she is not with here best friend (Miriam). She often sees her best friend when she’s in Britain. Maybe her friends will visit her. Marie-Thérèse has three brothers called Jay-Paul ( he is twenty-six years old), Simon (twenty-four years old) and Joseph (thirteen years old). And she has one sister called Susannah (she is fifteen years old). Marie-Thérèse loves French food, she thinks French culture is interesting and very different. She has already been to Paris, but she has never visited Normandy before.

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