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Welcome Hannah !

lundi 26 novembre 2018, par Mme LE SAUX Morgane.

Welcome Hannah !

We are very lucky and happy to have an American assistant in College Barbey d’Aurevilly School in Saint-Sauveur-le-Vicomte. Our language assistant is called Hannah Ritter. She’s 22 years old. Hannah is from Boise, in the state of Idaho. Boise is a town located near the Sawtooth mountains in the north-west of the USA.

Hannah is a language assistant for the first time. She arrived in France in September. She has a little sister : her name is Abbey and she’s 19 years old. Hannah’s favorite French food is cheese and « chouquettes ». Her favorite French singers are Edith Piaf and Stromae. Her favorite actress is Kiera Knightley. Her favorite bands are Death Cab for Cutie and Arctic Monkeys. Her favorite book is « All the lights you cannot see » and she likes the Harry Potter books too. Hannah loves animals : she has a dog called Lady.

During her spare time, Hannah loves taking pictures, hiking, camping, reading a book and speaking with people. She plays the viola too. She is a very positive, sociable and nice person but she’s sometimes stressed.

Hannah has visited 23 countries. Her favorite countries are Norway, Portugal and France, of course ! In the USA, Hannah has visited Los Angeles and San Francisco but she has never been to New York and the Grand Canyon. In France, Hannah has visited Paris, Nice, Caen, Chamonix and Saint-Malo. She has never been to the top of the Eiffel Tower because she’s afraid of heights.

Hannah studied in Chapman University : it’s in California, at about 45 minutes from L.A. She learnt French when she was at college. She says learning French is hard but it’s a beautiful language. She finished her studies in December 2017. Hannah also studied in the University of Caen for 6 months.

Hannah loves the French language and the French culture. She says she loves the American culture because people are energetic and they work hard but she prefers the French culture because she thinks people are calmer. To her, the towns and the cars are very different in France and in the USA.

During this school year, Hannah will work with us on different projects until April. Thanks to Hannah, we’re going to speak English more often and we’re going to learn more about Idaho and the USA in general. The 3èmes are going to create commercials to convince people to visit Idaho (We won’t talk about potatoes !). The 4èmes are going to make a giant map of the USA to share information about the fifty states. The 5èmes are going to learn more about wetlands and communicate with students from Estonia and Greece for the Erasmus + project. Hannah will also help the students in the Debating Club.

We are so excited to work with her !

Jeanne , Margaux, Céleste, Jasmine, Constantin and Lenny

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